Saturday, February 8, 2014

Optimal Health

We will be offering our patients a 22 week program focused on weight loss starting in 3 weeks. Often times weight is discussed as an afterthought or in addition to and acute problem or multiple other chronic disease processes that we are trying to manage. I find that the weight and how it got to where it is now is the underlying problem leading to most of the other complaints during the visits.  We have decided to make weight its' own health topic and not lump it in with the Diabetes or the Hypertension or the Coronary Heart Disease or the Hip, Back and Knee pain.  The habits that led to the weight gain is what led to the acceleration of all of those other problems. Addressing them won't fix the weight.
Health is dependent on many things, some we can control and others we cannot.  We can choose to smoke or not smoke. We can choose the food we consume. We can choose to be active or not. You can't do much about age and genetics, but Lifestyle we can control.
The core foundation of our program is based on Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson's book, Discover Your Optimum Health.  It is a "guide to taking control of your weight, your vitality, your life."
22 weeks seems like a long path, but I'll bet that after doing something consistently for 22 weeks you will build habits that should last a
Are you there yet?...hopefully, you have a long road ahead of you.