Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss Program

I'm very excited about our Healthy Habits For Weight Loss Program at Lake Lansing Family Practice. We are in week 2 of a 22 week program designed around Dr. Wayne Andersen's concepts for healthy living and weight loss www.drwayneandersen.com
This is our first group medical visit utilizing a team approach to address the health hazards of obesity within our practice. So often diet, exercise, and weight are mentioned as an afterthought when treating Diabetes or Heart Disease or even Arthritis, but rarely do we discuss it as the primary reason for an office visit. Our program utilizes a team approach which includes a Registered Dietitian, Nurse Practitioner/Program Director, Physician Medical Director, Health Coach, and Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor. Initially meals are planned through MediFast www.lakelansingfamilypractice.tsfl.com but meal plans can be custom designed for each patient in attendance according to their fitness goals and nutritional needs. We had 14 people attend tonight and I hope we can keep the momentum up through all 22 weeks and beyond.
Nice job tonight Team!

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